Chris Walker's tank slapper

Today I was at Oulton Park watching a mate getting some test time in on his CBR6R for this weekend’s club racing.
There were four teams from the British Superbikes also, one being Chris Walker’s team. 
Chris was out on track doing some testing, I was stood on the pit lane wall watching the start / finish straight when he came up the straight, he had the biggest tank slapper I have ever seen.

The whole bike was shaking from left to right and threw him out of the seat, he just managed to stay on.
It was that bad he just missed the pit wall. Even the marshal made a few comments to the lord above!
As you can imagine, he came into the pits after that, probably to change his underpants and leathers.
Those British Superbike boys are super quick around that circuit, it makes the club level boys look as though they are going backwards.
Kind regards
Lee Kendall

Lee Kendall

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By Lee Kendall