Rea's MX rehab

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Jonathan Rea has taken delivery of a new CR250F motocross today as he continues his rehabilitation programme following recent extensive knee surgery.

The new HM Plant Honda signing ruptured his ACL and NCL ligaments when he crashed in practice for the Mallory Park Race of the Year in October but has made startling progress since the operation.

He said: “Damaging the ACL ligament is a common rugby injury and it usually means six months from playing. I did the NCL as well but it will be four months almost to the day from my surgery when I ride the HM Plant Honda for the first time in testing at Almeria on February 26.

“My rehab is going really well and I can’t wait to ride my new superbike. But you won’t believe how frustrating it’s been not being able to ride. I’ve spent most of the past weeks either watching the BSB Review DVD over and helping out at my Dad’s trucking company, driving the fork lift or planning loads.

“I started riding my mountain bike just before Christmas, and raced a minibike for the first time last week. I felt pretty good and finished second in the main event. Not bad considering most of the guys having been racing regularly.”

And the motocross bike? It’s a CR250F and Rea said: “I’m pimping it up right now. Can’t wait to get out on it.”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin