James Ellison hoping for extended GSE career

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James Ellison has told MCN that he’d love to race for GSE Racing for more than just 2009.

The 28-year old penned a year-long contract with the 2008 British Superbike Championship winning team.

But in an exclusive interview with MCN he said he’s already hoping for more than just a season working under Colin Wright.

Ellison said: “As a rider it’s difficult – you try to look for something that might take your career in the right direction.

“The problem is you do make mistakes because all I want to do is ride motorbikes for a living and be successful doing it.

“I love riding bikes and there’s nothing else I’d rather do on this planet. Everything I do in life revolves around racing – that’s just how it is and it’s always been like that.

“I’ve had to sell everything I own to go racing in the past, but because of that desire you can sometimes make a rash decision.

“It’s difficult jumping from team to team because you build up a relationship with everybody and it gets easier every weekend to go faster.

“But before you know it the season’s over and you think, if I had another year I’d love to see what I could do.

“I’d love to stay with GSE for a couple of years at least and see what opportunities come my way next.”

To read the full interview with Ellison, pick up a copy of this week’s MCN out on Christmas Eve.

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull