Leon Camier takes on gold medal-winning cyclist

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Three-time British Superbike race winner Leon Camier took time out of his training regime to go head-to-head in a cycling contest with Beijing Olympic double gold winning sprinter, Jason Kenny.

The pair were brought together at the Manchester Veledrome as part of an Airwaves Pro opportunity.

Camier was set the task of spending a morning following Kenny’s strict cycling training regime before heading out onto the oval to try the real thing.

He said: ““It was really good to see the differences in the training we have to do for our sports.

“Out on the bikes we did a three lap sprint race.

“The problem is I didn’t know when he was going to really go for it.

“If I’d know the exact point he was going to go I reckon I could have hung onto him.

“I’d like to think I’d shocked him a bit.

“Motorcyclist’s fitness and trainings is an unknown thing – some people don’t realise how hard we have to train.

“But I can’t help but admit that I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t win. He’s won gold medals but I knew I could go quicker and I wanted to push him even further.”

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull