Snetterton British Superbikes: Ducati meet homologation regulation

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Rumours that Ducati would not make the homologation regulation in British Superbikes for units sold in the UK have been quashed today with an official release from the MCRCB.

Ducati had to sell at least 100 of the 1098R models in the UK by June 1, in order to qualify to run the motorbikes in the 2008 Superbike series.

With much talk that Ducati could not make the figures by the start of June and further suggestions that they were including other 1098 models, a bulletin from race organisers has confirmed all manufactures have complied with the homologation rules.

The Bulletin reads: “We have now received documentation that shows that all manufactures in the Superbike class comply with the regulations regarding the minimum number of machines to be registered for the road in the UK.”

In May Ducati UK announced they were to pre-register between 10 and 15 bikes in order to meet the homologation rule to run the 1098R in British Superbikes.

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull