James Ellison says he’s getting Wii fit

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James Ellison has said he’s already started his preparation for the 2009 British Superbike season by working on his balance with a computer game.

Ellison said in his latest GSE Racing blog that he’s bought a Wii Fit – a board that you can stand on that, combined with a Nintendo Wii console, measures your weight and allows you to do different fitness and balancing exercises.

Ellison said: “They are quite difficult to get hold of and I love it!

“You can do all sorts of things, like snowboarding and it is dead sensitive so is good for working on balance.

“It is also really useful as it looks at your body mass and checks your weight, it told me I had lost a few pounds so the training is working.

“Sarah [Ellison’s partner] was better at the balance related games than me, but it is good for the winter so I am going to be level with her soon!”

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull