Sylvain Guintoli: “People recognise me”

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Sylvain Guintoli made his first public appearance as a Suzuki British Superbike rider at the NEC Show yesterday and told MCN he was happy that people now knew who he was.

The 26-year old Frenchman has been living in the UK since 2004 and has visited the NEC Motorcycle Show twice before this year.

But for the Crescent Suzuki new boy, the show this year is very different.

“I really like the bike show; I’ve been here for the past two years to have a look around and always liked it.

“But nobody has really recognised me before this year – I could walk around before and nobody really knew who I was.

“This year I’ve had my photo taken with lots of fans and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Guintoli’s new team boss, Jack Valentine, couldn’t be at the show with his new recruit however.

Valentine, along with Michael Rutter, is delayed in Thailand on return from holiday due to the protest problems at Bangkok International Airport.

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull