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Simon Andrews is back with MSS Colchester Kawasaki  in BSB next year.

He admits he talked to lots of teams before committing to Nick Morgan’s team for a second season but now he’s back and looking forward to the new season.

He said: “I talked to other teams but no one wanted to commit. I never wanted to leave Kawasaki anyway.

"I was just a bit unsure of the bike because I couldn’t see where new developments were coming from. But I can now.”

The team will get even more support from Kawasaki this year, and the increased factory support for the WSB team is likely to filter on down to the BSB team.

Andrews said: “Kawasaki are bending over backwards to help. There’s a lot of technical support and information coming our way. We’re getting electronics from the WSB team.

"We’ll have the traction control sorted (which the MSS team didn’t have in 2009) and there’s going to be more budget to going testing.

Andrews is looking forward to having Mason on the team – after a prickly relationship with dour Frenchman Julien Da Costa reached an all time low after the pair clashed on track at Cadwell.

“Gary and I get on well and it’ll be good to have a team-mate with a similar style so we can trade information,” said Andrews. “Me and Julien had a different style, as well as a different outlook.  It was like two, one-man teams in our garage. Mason will be fun to have around too, but we’re both hungry for success on the track.”

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Gary Pinchin

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