It’s official – BSB gets younger!

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BSB is getting younger and to prove it here’s the official rider lists with dates of birth and actual ages as of Jan 13th this month, supplied by the series organisers at MCN’s request.

The chart shows that, even though there’s a perception we’ve lost all our hot young talent to WSB, and that the replacement riders are more experience hands (like Glen Richards at 35 and Chris Walker at 36), this year’s average age is just 26.56 compared to last year’s average age of 27.12.

Walker is the oldest rider in BSB at 36 and celebrates his 37th birthday on March 25, while Rob Mac Racing Yamaha team-mate Rutter is also 36 but doesn’t celebrate his 37th until September 18.

Youngest is 21 year old Aussie Jason O’Halloran. The SMT Honda rider doesn’t celebrate his 22nd until December 30.

Other under 25s include: Leon Camier (22), Ian Lowry (22), Graeme Gowland (22), Jon Kirkham (24), Victor Cox (22), Kenny Gilbertson (22), Peter Hickman (21), Martin Jessop (23), and Leon Morris (21). Josh Brookes, Stuart Easton, Simon Andrews and John Laverty are already 25.

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin