Michael Rutter blog: "I was going down Bray Hill laughing about Ratboy”

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I’m at Snetterton this weekend racing the Worx Suzuki in the fifth round of the British Superbike championship.

At least I’m back to health after a miserable week. From the moment I got back from the Island I was laid low with what I’m guessing was no more than a stinking cold but felt like full-on flu!

We didn’t have much luck in the Senior TT on the Batham’s Suzuki but I certainly had a good laugh at Ratboy’s (Stuart Easton – who was helping Rutter at the TT as a mechanic) expense.

The bike hadn’t been handling spot-on in the Superbike TT but then we lost a chance to try some new settings on the Wednesday when they cancelled practice.

It meant we were going into the Senior on Friday a little blind so I told Ratboy to be ready at the pitstop in case I wanted to make some adjustments.

It wasn’t handling at all right so I came in, shouted at Ratboy what needed doing – and he’s not brought a screwdriver. You should see the panic in his face.

Then I asked for a drink. No water.  So I just screamed, ‘well clean the f***ing screen.’”

So I set off down Bray Hill and what has he done, sprayed the million flies on the screen with polish and not wiped it off! I ask you. 

I’m like riding blind but it dried out eventually and I’m pissing myself thinking of the absolute panic he was in….

He did adjust the suspension in the end but it didn’t make a lot of difference.

Turned out the rear tyre had a slow puncture! And, to be fair, Stuart was beside himself when we got back to the motorhome afterwards.

I enjoyed my TT,  we all did, despite all the hard work and dramas. I never had one moment in the entire two weeks. I think I could have probably pushed a bit harder.

Another problem we found in the Senior was that because I was revving the engine more, it was running very hot so I ended up short-shifting.

We still had stock radiators so we’re going to upgrade them and refine the fuelling.

Once the temperature goes over 86 degrees the electronics automatically throws in a leaner fuel map.

The plan is for me to maybe race  the bike at Macau but I may even run it at the Ulster, with my mechanic Jason’s help, and Stuart’s - with another rider on it.

But right now I’ve got Snetterton to think about. I’m really looking forward to it. The bike is strong and should suit Snetterton perfectly so it’s all down to me again.

I’ve really got to get my finger out if I want any chance of keeping the ride.

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Michael Rutter

By Michael Rutter