What next for Glen Richards?

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With the season over Glen Richards faces a difficult period, waiting to hear what HM Plant Honda’s plans are for 2010 – and how he might figure in them.

After a painful Silverstone comeback Richards had hoped that two more weeks of rehab would allow him to rider closer to his true potential and end the season on a high note. It was his second meeting back from breaking his femur at Knockhill – but the demanding Oulton track was too much for the rider who is still far from fully fit.

He said: “I’m so frustrated. My bike was so good at Oulton. So much better than when I rode it there earlier in the year. The front wheel stayed down, the gearbox was better and the bike just felt really, really good. But the bike needed to be ridden aggressively to get the best from and I was riding wank!

“I wasn’t not strong enough, well my leg wasn’t strong enough to ride around that track. The frustration was that my leg was a lot better than when I rode at Silverstone but the track was much harder to ride (Oulton and Cadwell are the two most physical tracks in BSB according to his supersport team-mate  Steve Plater!).

“You have to leap around the bike there – you have to stand on the pegs and get yourself over the front of it each time the front wheel tries to come up. I could do one fast lap riding like that but I couldn’t do a series of them.”

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin