Harris has fuelling issues with RSV4

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Karl Harris finished a lowly 13th in the first Superstock race of the year after some serious fuelling issues with his GR Aprilia RSV4 at Brands.

With no way to adjust the fuelling for the racetrack, Harris’ bike was running way too rich on the top end.

Team owner Brent Gladwin said: “It’s only putting out about 165bhp max at the moment.

"At 60% throttle Karl says the bike is mega but with no Power Commander to adjust it the fuelling is too rich at the top end when the overhead injectors kick in.

"You’d expect the fuel/air mix to be 13.5%. We have around 11.5%.

“Dynojet Uk have been really pushing hard to help us, and development of a new Power Commander is under way, but was not ready for Brands.

"Instead the Dynojet lads were looking at using two 1098 Ducati Power Commanders, one to control the bottom end of the fuelling and the lower injectors and the other to look after the overhead injectors.”

Despite the problems Harris was delighted with the bike’s potential. “The chassis is phenomenal,” he said.

“All we’ve done is fit an Ohlins TTX straight out of the box, drop in some 0.95kg springs in the forks and fit a stock Ohlins steering damper.”

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin