Splitlath Aprilia hoping for more power

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Chris Burns was the third Evo rider home in both of the BSB races at Brands on the sweetest sounding bike on the BSB grid!

The music from Burn’s Splitlath Aprilia RSV4 was thanks to an all-new system from Austin Racing, the RSV4 specialists.

The system, made from Iconel (an austentic nickel-chromium-based superalloy that’s also used in F1 and NASCAR exhaust systems) is said to be lighter and stronger than titanium is said to have upped top end power by 6bhp.

But the team are hoping for even more power from some engine modifications (not gear-driven cams!) for Thruxton.

Splitlath Aprilia boss Jon Dimbylow declined to reveal  the exact upgrades but was adamant power could go up by as much as 20bhp with legal mods!

He also revealed that his team has decided against factory swing-arms for their BSB Evo RSV4s ridden by Chris and Joe Burns. Dimbylow said: “The factory swing-arms are designed to be used with traction control.

“We’re worried that they may create issues with side grip without  traction control so we’re aiming to get a swing-arm made specially to suit our Evo bike (no traction control permitted).”

The team haven’t got any Ohlins equipment yet either, preferring instead to stick with their Maxton equipment at the moment.

Dimbylow said: “I know Chris is keen to try Ohlins but we’re going to give it a round or two to see how the Maxton stuff develops. We need to give it time.”

Frenchman Didier Lambert joined the team as a technical advisor at Brands.

The former Aprilia man, who designed the Mille frame, but more recently acted as customer liaison in the racing department,  has joined the team on a freelance basis as well as working with Alex Debon in Moto2.

Joe Burns sat out the racing after breaking his wrist in practice.

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin