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Josh Brookes has to be one of the favourites for the BSB title but what about next year? MCN asked him about his plans……

What’s the scoop on your plans for next year then?
My manager says he’s had calls from Moto2 teams but I’m not really ready to go there. It needs a couple of years to get that series sorted. Moto2 is a different animal to GP250 and nothing is settled there. I’m not about to jump into a paddock for the wrong reasons. I left WSB because I wasn’t on the right team. It will defeat the purpose of me being in BSB if I can’t get a good WSB ride. So I might stay where I am.

Don’t you see any realistic openings at all in WSB?
I’m encouraging my manager to talk to every team in the WSB paddock to see if there is the potential to go there. But to be honest, I look at the world guys and wonder who they are going to replace – if anyone. There’s 15 guys there capable of winning. I’ve got to believe I can go there and go better than them, but who is going to give me a chance right now?

Do you think doing the Silverstone WSB round actually set you back in terms of potentially convincing WSB team bosses to give you a shot next year?
I guess Silverstone has hurt my potential a bit but the teams and the riders know the crack  – how hard it is to rock up to do one event.  From the public view, yeah, I’m sure they are there thinking what is going on when we can win races in BSB and only finish top 15 in WSB. By the same token, I can’t stay a big fish in a little pond. You have to put yourself out there.

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