Swan Honda boss gives his thoughts on BSB 2010

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Team owner Shaun Muir unveiled his new-look Swan Honda outfit this week exclusively for MCN readers.

So after we got the photo shoot done that appears in MCN today (Wednesday, Febraury 3) we sat down to discuss the merits of BSB.

What’s your take on how BSB has stood up to the ravages of the current economic climate?
I’d say the championship is in pretty good shape. It’s more than held it’s own – especially if look at how thing the MotoGP grid is now.

WSB is not in bad shape, looking at the numbers but BSB has a very strong grid and there’s a new generation of riders coming through.

Are you pro-Evo or against?
The jury is out on that one. I fully endorse it (as a way of cutting costs) if World Superbike goes the same way.

I think it will make life very difficult for riders wanting to move into WSB or even teams wanting to do one-off races, if the rules are vastly different.

Does the one-bike per rider rule really save costs?
It helps a team like ours and if we stay WSB spec bike technical rules into 2011 it will suit us even more.

I think it’s a good rule because it let those one-bike teams expand to two riders without the cost of building extra bikes.

As far as we’re concerned, we’ve just adopted a different mindset to ensure we’ve got the spares sitting in the truck, ready to bolt on if we have any mishaps.

What about the new points system, splitting the series into a regular season and a three-round final shootout?
I don’t like it at all. Why would I? I’ve got the two most consistent riders in the championship (Find out who the team’s second rider is at the team’s official launch this Sunday (Feb 7) at the Carole Nash MCN Show at the Excel, London).

Having said that, if I had a crasher on my team I’d probably be over the moon with the new system.

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin