Valentine praises new BSB points system

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Worx Suzuki team boss Jack Valentine has spoken out in favour of the new BSB point scoring system.

This year’s series is split into a regular season of nine races and a three –round showdown between the top six points men form the regular season.

The system is more complex than in the past, where all races counted towards the title, but the aim is to keep the championship going to the wire – and give fresh impetus to the final three rounds when, quite often the title is all but decided.

The top six men from the regular season start the showdown on 500 points – plus extra point awarded for podium finishes in the regular season too.

Valentine’s a big fan of the new system and said: “I think it’s great. It’s going to be appealing to the fans, not just to the diehards but to the casual TV viewers.

“It’s good that the podium finishes from the regular season count for something.  It rewards the guys who have been pushing on in the early races.”

The new system was introduced only after consultation with the teams, a fact not lost on Valentine.

“It shows what can be achieved with proper communication. Look at how healthy our series is and then look at what’s happened in the USA where they don’t have that same level of communication.”  

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin