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MCN catches up with MSS Kawasaki rider Simon Andrews to find out what he’s been up to in the off season… 

What have you been up to this winter?
Living in the Alps. Sounds exotic but I’ve been half way up a mountain, sleeping on a sofa-bed in my mate’s cabin.

Why the Alps?
Because the weather at home is so dull and it’s hard to stay motivated.  I’ve been out cross-country ski-ing, snow-running, hiking. I climbed 8,866 feet in five hours the other day. It’s quiet but so cold – minus 16 – there’s no bugs!

So you’re off piste a fair bit?
All the time. I’ve just done a ‘body transceiver training course’. Basically you have to learn how to locate people after avalanches.  If you get buried in one, you’ve got five minutes before you start to suffocate. Seven minutes you’re brain damaged. 15 and you die. It’s important to be able to get people out quickly.

What’s the attraction then?
I like doing stuff with my time. I like to train every day but by doing different things. Thailand I took a scuba diving course. Racing is such an adrenaline buzz it’s hard to replace it.

Are you geared up, ready to race now?
I’m just starting to think about it now. BSB this year is so important. The team is giving me the best they can and Kawasaki is right behind us. I need a god strong year. My aim is WSB in the next year or so. 

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