BSB blog: Spanish test hit by snow

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I got a bit of a shock this morning at 07.00am when I yanked open the shutters of my hotel window here at Guadix to see a white out!

Yes, the terrible weather that hit Barcelona yesterday has found its way south to Guadix where the majority of the top teams were planning to start a three-day test here today.

The weather for the four-day Cartagena Pro Test hadn’t exactly been fantastic – grey skies, cold wins – but at least we virtually missed all the rain that lashed the rest of the country and we still saw the riders breaking the course lap record.

Driving here yesterday with James Wright and Sue Ward from Double Red was some experience though. It’s a two and half hour cruise but most of the way we were battered by high winds and heavy rain.

Guadix is in southern Spain, one hour from Granada, two hours from Malaga, and the circuit backdrop is framed by the peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

Overnight we’ve had a good three to four inches of snow. Minimum temperature for today is said to be -3, maximum is 11.

And since I’ve been sat here looking at the weather reports for the region on-line, what was good visibility out there – albeit with heavy grey skies – has turned to thick fog!

hat’s my best Michael Fish impersonation done for now. I’m off back to bed!

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin