BSB Blog: Sun shines on Guadix BSB test

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After the heavy early morning snow had cleared the Guadix BSB test got underway at around 14.45pm yesterday.

An hour later the track had virtually dried out and Guadix looked picture postcard perfect – the neatly manicured circuit, framed by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains!

That was of little consequence to BSB race teams who needed to get work done. There was certainly no chance for quick laps but conditions were still good enough to try different engine management settings.

HM Plant Honda probably did more laps than most. Ryuichi Kiyonari and Josh Brookes were first on track and last to leave but they have a lot of work to complete, setting up their new Motec engine management system and Ohlins suspension.

MSS Colchester Kawasaki also clocked up the laps with Simon Andrews and Gary Mason having their first run against BSB rivals on their much-revised 2010 ZX-10s.

Andrews was running a blipper-throttle on his bike while Mason was still getting up to speed with all the electronic rider aids switched on.

Tommy Bridwell was out on the Quay Garage Honda – the same bike Mason won last year’s BSB cup on – and making itself known with its distinctive air-bleed system.

Tommy Hill did several runs on the Worx Suzuki but had to tour in at least twice with a misfire, eventually traced to a faulty amplifier in the electronics system.

Team-mate Yukio Kagayama never ventured out on track all day, pointing out that the tyres would never reach working temperature in the freezing cold conditions – despite the blue skies and sun that broke cover in the afternoon. 

Swan Honda’s James Ellison did several laps to familiarize himself with the Guadix course having never seen the place before. Stuart Easton did three laps on his bike, primarily for photos.

Michael Rutter and Martin Jessopp got their bikes on track for a photo shoot then packed them away and headed back to the hotel.

Motorpoint Yamaha packed their bikes up and headed back to Cartagena where the forecast was for much warmer conditions. Relentless By TAS Suzuki headed home.

They were only due to do a single day at Guadix but took one look at the snow-covered track in the morning and headed north. 

It was certainly a quiet day at Guadix but Wednesday’s weather forecast is for sunshine and 11-degrees. Should get some serious track action then……

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin