Ellison sidelined from Cadwell on medical grounds

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James Ellison has been ruled out of this weekend’s Cadwell Park BSB round after failing to pass a medical at the circuit.

Ellison put himself though an intensive rehabilitation programme since breaking his femur at Thruxton on April 16 but was not able to demonstrate enough strength in the limb for medical staff to allow him on track.

Ellison said: “My surgeon has sent a letter saying he’s completely happy with me racing but the medical staff here say I’m not ready. They wanted me to do 30 one-legged squats on the injured leg to prove my fitness. That’s not realistic and I doubt there’s many riders in the paddock can do that many.”

BSB Race Director Stuart Higgs countered: “I respect that James has put a lot into his rehab. His recovery has been phenomenal but the opinion of the Chief Medical Officer here is that his leg is too weak for him to race this weekend. In my position I have a responsiblity to James, the other competitors, the marshals and the spectators, and to go against that advice would be criminal.”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin