Splitlath Aprilia and the ‘Factory’ camshaft

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BSB Evo title contenders Splitlath Aprilia were excluded from the Evo class at Cadwell on technical grounds.

Investigations have subsequently shown that the homologation process of racing components led to confusion and the BSB organisers have released the following statement to fully explain the situation:
During the event of Cadwell Park, August 28/29/30 it was determined that the motorcycles entered by Splitlath Aprilia did not conform fully to the BSB-EVO class technical regulations with an irregularity identified in a single component.

Further investigations into the circumstances have been carried out by MSVR with the full co- operation of the team. This has included liaison with the FIM and Aprilia factory in Italy.

The components in question (camshaft) were measured for conformity with the control documentation published by the FIM for specifically the Aprilia RSV1000 “Factory” model. The part in question conformed to “Factory 2” measurements, but not “Factory”.

The ambiguity centres around the process involved in the homologation of a “Factory 2” model in December 2009 and the subsequent production and supply of parts purely for that model, superseding all others.

The FIM have confirmed that the 2009 RSV 4 “Factory” model is the same model as the Factory '2' model, homologated in December 2009, additionally it is understood that a batch of frame numbers initially inscribed as Factory models are now classified on the homologation papers as “Factory 2”.

Scrutiny of the “Factory 2” control documentation does though reveal some differences with certain components and this is the principle issue surrounding determining the origin of the bikes and the conformity and consistency of parts.

Through full disclosure and consideration of all the relevant documentation, the organisers classify the motorcycles entered by Splitlath Motorsport as Aprilia RSV1000 Factory 2 models and will check compliance against the control documentation specifically for that model as published by the FIM.

This process has been extremely complicated and the organisers are satisfied that the team have acted in good faith throughout the 2010 Championship season.

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin