Guintoli rides Moto Rapido Ducati

Published: 02 August 2012

Former BSB rider Sylvain Guintoli admits he is never one to miss an opportunity to get out on track and after a spontaneous visit to Donington Park he was able to complete a handful of laps on Scott Smart's Moto Rapido Ducati Panigale.

Guintoli visited his local circuit to meet Ducati riders taking part in the event and after discussing with Moto Rapido team manager Steve Moore the merits of Ducati's latest Superbike he was offered the chance to complete a few laps on the MCE BSB machine.

Guintoli said: "I just went along to the trackday to have a bit of a look really, but I had put my leathers in the boot just in case there was an opportune moment as I never want to miss out on something to play with for a few laps!

“I had been chatting to the team and Ducati UK while I was there and Steve (Moore) asked me if I had done any laps on the Panigale. I had done some at Misano on the road version during World Ducati week but not on a race spec one.

"He asked me if I fancied a go and I was definitely a bit curious to try it out for a bit of fun! I did a couple of laps on the trackday when the other guys were out on track so I couldn't really push too hard but it was great and really good fun."