Foray quits Quattro Plant Kawasaki team

Published: 03 August 2012

Frenchman Freddy Foray has quit the Liverpool-based Quattro Plant Kawasaki team citing a lack of machine development as a prime reason. He follows Gary Mason who left the team several weeks ago.

Foray – a World Endurance champion and one of BSB’s real characters - issued this press statement: "The BSB was a huge challenge for me asking me financial and logistical effort, but I was fully prepared to meet it. After a promising start and encouraging, it soon became difficult for me to fully express and defend my chances.

"For organizational reasons, we have not rolled in over the winter as I had announced the team. It was very frustrating for me because I spent three weeks in England for a few laps. Finally, my bike was ready until midseason.

"Then, not having a good feeling with my bike, I made many sacrifices to provide technical solutions to the team by bringing in my old chief engineer and my coach, but nothing worked as I hoped. My team has never trusted those around me and the bike has not progressed.

"Difficult to perform in a championship also noted that the BSB. I throw stones at anyone, but under these conditions very few things were possible. And to make matters worse my back injury I was not easy the task.

"I took this decision in order to revive my career. It was not easy to take it because I did not used to giving up the things I do. I gave my all in vain.

"I deeply regret this turn has taken this season. I left everything to move to England and I find myself without anything today!

"This championship is extraordinary and I hope to be able to return quickly and have the opportunity to express myself 100%. However, today I have to find solutions for a quick rebound.

"Many things are set up for a possible return in endurance, but I still keep it to myself ... and yes I am become superstitious.

"Thanks anyway to all those who helped me in to the project and the French and the British public for their support. I have met many people who are passionate and motivated, but unfortunately this is not enough"