Rutter breaks leg in testing crash

Published: 05 March 2013

Honda TT Legends and Bathams Honda rider Michael Rutter has suffered a broken leg in pre-season testing for the endurance team in France.

Rutter crashed on Sunday at the Dunlop-owned Mireval test track, and was diagnosed with a crack to the base of his tibia near his ankle.

He has returned to the UK for further treatement as the rest of the team move on to Albecete for the first official EWC test.

John McGuinness, Simon Andrews and Michael Dunlop (making his factory Honda team debut) will start a three-day test today (Tuesday).

Rutter said "It didn’t feel too bad at first and I was walking around after the crash but we thought it was best to get an x-ray done just to be sure. That revealed a crack at the base of my tibia near the ankle joint.

I was given crutches and a temporary cast so I can get back to the UK and get it sorted out. Hopefully it won’t take too long to heal and I’ll be back on the bike as soon as possible."

He now faces a race to fitness, with the first round of the 2013 British Superbike championship less than a month away.