Brookes’ pace slowed by ‘clean’ track

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Josh Brookes says that yesterday’s times at Silverstone will count for very little due to the conditions on track, despite the Tyco Suzuki rider finishing the day in third.
Heavy rain overnight and on Friday morning stripped away much of the rubber from the track, meaning that the BSB riders were riding on a track the Australian described as ‘clean.’
“The track was very clean; you could feel that the track had no rubber down, and it's always difficult to gauge yourself to other riders when it’s like that. It made it hard to make any productive assessment of the track, because it was constantly changing as every rider went through and laid down some rubber. “
Last year’s championship runner up also said that he was suffering from chatter on his GSX-R, something he expected due to the unique nature of Silverstone.
“I remember years ago, back in World Superbike days, as soon as you came to Silverstone, the nature of the track and the tarmac its made of means itwill always be hard on tyres and will make a good handling bike chatter.
“The long radius corners mean that it picks the bikes up over the bumpy corners and that causes chatter. Even if you listen to the MotoGP guys, the top guys were complaining about the bumps. It's a common pattern with here, and you have to just try and work with it.”

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Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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