Brookes fine after Snetterton highside

Josh Brookes suffered no physical damage in the highside crash that saw him ejected from the second MCE British Superbike race at Snetterton on Sunday, despite some initial concerns after the Australian took time to pick himself up from the Norfolk track after the crash.

Running second at the time behind Shane Byrne and ahead of his Milwaukee Yamaha teammate Tommy Bridewell, Brookes lost the back end at Montreal before launching himself and ending the race heavily winded.

"I just winded myself in the crash - knocked all the breath clean out of myself. It took a few moments for the wind to come back to me, and then I crawled away trying to breathe! But once all that was right I felt fine again."

"During the race, I was thinking that I would rather crash than finish second and see Shakey win again, but when I got my breath back and assessed the situation lying at the side of the track, I thought 'naa, maybe second would have been better!'"

Here's what Josh's crash looked like from the perspective of James Ellison:

For the full story on Brookes' crash as well as the roundup from Snetterton, see this Wednesday 18th June's MCN.

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Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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