BSB: Byrne evaluating swingarm options

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Shane Byrne and the Be Wiser Ducati team continued to evaluate a new swing-arm option as the fourth round of the series got underway at Knockhill today.

The Penrith-based team took delivery of the new component earlier this season, but Byrne has been undecided on whether he prefers it to the older option, which gives less grip but is better for tyre wear.

In some ways, the new arm is giving Byrne too much grip on corner exit but in turn that’s then too hard on the softer option Pirelli SC0 rear tyre Byrne prefers.

“We back-to-backed two swing arms today,” he told MCN after the session. “We used the new swingarm this morning and the old one this afternoon.


“We got some information, some ideas and now we need to try and decide whether we go with the new swingarm and work on tyre longevity. “We have more drive grip with it but there’s no point in having that if after 15 laps the tyre drops off the face of the planet. The older swingarm definitely doesn’t have the same stability on exit, but it makes the tyre last 30 laps and that’s quite important!” 

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Oli Rushby

By Oli Rushby

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