BSB: Harrison Crosby joins Danny Buchan’s Pro83 Academy

Harrison Crosby (middle) with Gary-Lee Hoebeeck, Zak Corderoy, Ian Darbyshire and Danny Buchan Credit: Cami Pixs
Harrison Crosby (middle) with Gary-Lee Hoebeeck, Zak Corderoy, Ian Darbyshire and Danny Buchan Credit: Cami Pixs

Danny Buchan’s Pro83 Academy had added Harrison Crosby to its portfolio of riders for the 2022 season.

Crosby joins British Supersport rider Zak Corderoy and CIV R6 Cup contender Evann Pendrill in the academy, which was launched by Buchan and business partner Gary-Lee Hoebeeck last month.

The 16-year-old enjoyed a fantastic start to the 2022 season, finishing second in both races at Silverstone to leave with the championship lead. Crosby, who races for Banks Racing, finished his 2021 campaign seventh overall after taking podiums at Knockhill and Silverstone.

“I am really excited to be a part of the Pro83 Academy, not only for the opportunities it may bring me in the future but to able to have a chance to train with Danny and the other riders in the academy,” Crosby said.

For Buchan, he admits that he sees a lot of himself in Crosby, who is already six foot tall at the age of 16. After speaking with the family, it was clear that both parties wanted to work with each other.

“They’re a passionate family, and they admitted that they weren’t quite sure where to place Harrison moving forwards,” Buchan explained to MCN at Silverstone. “He’s really tall so he’s really going to suit a big bike. I told him that his career path is probably going to be more in the domestic championship rather than within the GP championship.

“He rides the bike really well considering his size. He’s at a massive disadvantage with his height and weight, but he still does a very good job. I watched him race the other day and told him that he was so calm, he could give me some tips for those opening few laps of a race. He has really good attributes already in these early years of racing. I guess I saw quite a lot of me in him with him being tall, and having the fight that he has. He’s a talented lad already and hopefully we can just help with his career path.”

Crosby has already tested a 600cc bike and that’s likely the next step for the youngster as things stand. Corderoy will be on-hand to share advice with his fellow academy member having already gone through the Superstock 600 class and up into the Supersport championship.

Things are going well for Pro83 following MCN’s exclusive reveal in March, with several companies, racers and their families all reaching out to see if they’re able to get involved in some capacity with the project. Whilst Buchan and Hoebeeck are sticking with three riders for now, they’ll be hopeful of expanding in 2023.

“You can already tell that everybody is going to get on really, really well,” Hoebeeck added. “We all got together to watch each other’s races over the course of the weekend, and Evann came down to with the family. We’re starting to build up that camaraderie already, which is great.”

Buchan and Hoebeeck have been working together since 2019, with the former being the founder of the Pro53 Sports Management and Partnership Agency. The aim of the academy is simple; to ensure that talented young riders avoided dropping off the motorcycle racing ladder due to their financial backgrounds.

The Pro83 Academy is working alongside multiple companies in order to receive funding, which is then passed on directly to their rider, or straight to their respective racing team depending on the rider’s situation. No money is needed from the rider in order for them to be a part of the academy.