BSB/Roads: Exclusive Q&A with Davey Todd

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2022 champion Davey Todd will be back in the Pirelli National Superstock Championship this year with Cheshire Mouldings BMW.

Todd had already signed for the TAS Racing outfit for his 2024 road racing campaign, so will now compete in both disciplines with the same team. The 28-year-old will be working with crew chief and engine builder Stewart Johnstone this season.

MCN caught up with Todd at the TAS Racing workshop in Moneymore, Northern Ireland, to discuss the year ahead.

Given that you’ve won the Superstock title before, are you feeling confident about the season ahead?

“Absolutely. I’m really looking forward to being back in the mix in Superstock and I’m definitely aiming to stand on that podium as much as possible. In fact, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t going for the championship like I did in 2022.

“I have a great package this year with the team and the BMW, it’s an awesome bike. I haven’t had the chance to ride it too much, but what I have felt of it so far has been really good and positive.”

I’m sure you would have loved to have been on the Superbike, but could the Superstock class actually benefit you more for the roads?

“Of course, my goal is to be in the Superbike class but it’s not the negative that I first thought it was. The Superstock campaign will lead into and tie in really nicely with the road campaign, if not even better than it would have with BSB.

“I’m really looking forward to that, and I obviously want to be challenging up at the front on the roads as well. I’m excited about those two different disciplines complementing each other.”

Davey Todd knows how to win in the Superstock class.

It’s the electronics that will remain the same…

“That’s the biggest thing that will stay the same. It’s hard to get a bike feeling similar on kit electronics and Motec, so what’s going to be the great thing for me this year is that I’m going to be on the MRCK Electronics, the BMW Kit electronics, for everything. I’m not riding anything else this season so that will make my life easier.”

How key is it on the roads to not have to swap things around?

“It’s so important to be dialled in and in the ball park as quickly as possible because there’s no real way of replicating the TT or North West, and you don’t get any real testing or practice beforehand.

“Yeah, you can go to the short circuits, but that doesn’t replicate the same, so just eliminating as much as you can and feeling as comfortable as possible on a bike, without having to ride different machines with different electronics. I should feel at one with it coming into the NW and TT, and feel very comfortable at that time.”

Honda dominated the Superstock class last year. How much harder does that make it for you?

“I wouldn’t say it makes it difficult. For sure, the Honda looks like the package to be on in Superstock these days. I was on a Honda when I won the championship in 2022, so I can’t say it’s not a good package but having rode the BMW, I think that’s a real good bike to be on and I don’t think it will be a hinderance or difficult to compete with the Hondas.”

Davey Todd rode the TAS Racing BMW Superbike towards the end of 2023.

What are your first thoughts to the BMW?

“I’ve enjoyed it so far. For sure, it’s a different bike and has different strengths and weaknesses to the Honda, but where the BMW is strong, I feel I’m strong, so it plays to my strengths and suits me really well.”

What are your strengths?

“I’m quite relaxed on the bike and I’m not such an aggressive rider. I’m strong on the brakes and on corner entry and exit, but I wouldn’t say mid-corner speed is necessarily one of my big strengths. However, the BMW, from what I’ve felt so far, certainly helps that weakness.

“The bike stops really well and the throttle connection and the drive that it gets on the exit seems really good as well.”

I hear it has plenty of power…

“It’s certainly a fast bike! On the roads last year nobody could get near the top speeds of the BMW riders. The Superstock bike has the lap record at the TT now, so I really have no excuse in that sense, and the lap-time that I’m aiming for is to be getting in and around that speed.”

Davey Todd celebrates being crowned 2022 Pirelli National Superstock Champion

What is a good TT for you this year?

“The goal for me is to be running at the front. I got my first podium in 2022, had a bit of a tough year at the TT last year, during a year which was really tough for a number of circumstances – bike issues and health issues with myself.

“I still had personal best lap-times on 1000cc and 600cc bikes, and a couple of fourths where I shouldn’t have been able to do that under the circumstances, so it makes me really excited coming into this season that I know I’m capable of so much more than I did last year, and that wasn’t too bad given those circumstances.

“I’m in a better position than I’ve ever been in so there’s no reason why I can’t be up there at the front. I want to stand on the podium, and I want to win races as well! Experience is key at the TT and I’m trying to learn more and more every time I go there.”

How important is 2024 in British Superstock?

“It’s really important for me to come in and do the job and at the end of the day, I’m entering the championship to become Superstock champion again. Anything else won’t be considered a success. I want to be back in Superbike so I’m going out there to prove I deserve a seat in the that class.”