Ducati unveils its new GP bike

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Ducati has just lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding its new four-stroke Grand Prix bike.

For a full report on the new Ducati GP machine, don’t miss the June 5 issue of MCN.

Until today Ducati had only released teaser pictures of the bike, but now it has been revealed in its entirety.

The machine known as the ” Desmosedici ” , or ” Sixteen ” , gets its name from the number of valves. It’s V-four 990cc engine is claimed to make in excess of 220bhp at 16,000 rpm and weigh-in right on the MotoGP limit of 145kg (319lb).

Ducati engineers have told MCN that an all-new engine is being tested that will raise the rev limit to 18,000rpm, for even more power.

The Italian firm has also ditched its trademark single-sided swingarm for a more conventional double-sided unit in order to save weight and for greater stiffness.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff