Blata V6: first picture

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This is the first picture of the Blata V6 MotoGP machine looking close to completion, and ready for the WCM team to race. Unfortunately it isn’t quite ready in time for the scheduled debut at the Czech GP in Brno this weekend, but should still give WCM riders Franco Battaini, and Brit James Ellison, a bit of a boost.

“The motorcycle physically exists, it is standing on it’s own wheels. It isn’t complete though, and there is no sense in introducing something that isn’t finished,” said Pavel Blata. “We have completed the chassis, that is the frame and the rear swing arm and also many other components. The majority of the parts of the motor are also finished as well. We were slowed down on development, but this is something you can’t avoid when working on something completely new. It has happened to us many times that we have announced the date we will roll out with our project and didn’t do so. Therefore, I will not set any further dates on when we will present this motorcycle.

The delays are partly attributed to the factory efforts to tackle copies of their existing minimoto machines. This effort to safeguard their main product range has led to attention being diverted from the MotoGP project.

“The Blata factory isn’t as big that it could care less about what is going on in the world with it’s products. We have to confront that our products are being copied. We don’t want to use this as an excuse, but it is a fact we had to put out a lot of effort to avoid these problems. Motorcycle business is tough, just like motorcycle sport, and every loss teaches you how to fight better.”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff