Exclusive Rossi interview

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Valentino Rossi says Honda has a series of secret plans which could revolutionise motorcycling.

The Yamaha riding world champion reveals how he heard about them when he raced for Honda – and why he is delighted Honda hasn’t put the plans into action – in an exclusive interview with MCN.

The full interview is published in our January 5 issue – out on Wednesday.

In it he talks about taking his revenge on Honda, his darkest moments of 2004, how ruthless he had to be to win the title last year, who he believes are his toughest rivals and what is motivating him to do it all again in 2005.

And of his Yamaha mount, he tells us:“The M1 was supposed to be a ‘bitchy bike’, very easy to fall off… but I never had any problems.” Easy for him to say…

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff