GPs wave the white flag

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New rules have been introduced to MotoGP that will see no more races stopped for wet weather.

The Grand Prix commission approved a load of new rules this weekend, but the key change was the introduction of the White Flag rule.

Until now races have been stopped if the rain starts to fall mid race while the riders are on slick or intermediate tyres. Riders were then allowed to change to machines with wet tyres before the race was restarted.

Now races will no longer be stopped when it rains, instead a white flag will be waved giving riders permission to enter the pits, change machines and go straight back out on track. Riders cannot change bike in a dry race for any other reason.

The ruling also means that if a race has been started as a wet race and the rain dries up, riders can choose to come in to the pits and change to either intermediate or slick tyres whenever they choose.

The new ruling means that race positions will be very dependant on the efficiency of the pit crew and how quickly they can get the new bike ready.

Other changes to the rules include a clarification of the pit lane speed limit rules.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff