Supporting Electronics Ban

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Everyone who supports and races Moto GP knows the growing Probelm in Electronics making the sport very boring to watch.

Moto GP has’nt always been like this but the new addition of Traction Control has made the sport that was thrilling, unpredictable and close racing in to far spread and boring races.

But there is some hope for Moto GP and that is to help the banning of Electronics by joining this support site on banning it. The link to the site is, you need to create an account and sign the blog.

The creaters of the site are going to E-Mail the FIM and if he have enough people supporting the ban we may be able to get electronics out of the sport.

The head of the FIM knows that Moto GP riders Rossi, Cappirossi and Barros all support the ban on electronics.

Thank you for your support if you join.

Jordan Lilley

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By Jordan Lilley