Hopper wants 16” tryout

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John Hopkins said he would try a Bridgestone 16-inch front tyre in Australia this week if one became available.

Despite Bridgestone bosses pledging not to follow rivals Michelin by switching to a new 16-inch front tyre for the new 800cc era, there have been rumours that the Japanese manufacturer may respond immediately to Michelin’s move.

Hot tip in at the recent Sepang test was that Bridgestone could air freight a batch of new 16-inch fronts to Phillip Island this week, as it has experimented with the tyre previously with Kawasaki’s factory team and Shinya Nakano.

Rizla Suzuki rider Hopkins said: “I’m willing to try anything. If there is something that’s going to benefit me then I’ll try it, there’s no doubt. The 16.5 front tyre I’m happy with, I’m able to run it into the corners really hard and late brake really good with what we’ve got at the moment. The front tyre is not an issue.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt