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Seven-times world champion Valentino Rossi reckons the secret to Yamaha’s brilliant winter testing performances has been the smooth power delivery on his new factory YZR-M1 800.

Several of Rossi’s rivals have commented on the Yamaha’s power delivery advantage when they’ve followed the Italian and American team-mate Colin Edwards in testing.

And Rossi said it had been one of the focal points of development for Yamaha engineers during the pre-season campaign: "I am happy about my engine delivery. We work a lot with the engineers and I think we have some good ideas with this engine and the bike. We don’t have the maximum speed compared to the other guys but the throttle is easy to use and I think this is so important for the race.”

The Italian said power delivery was essential, not least with the new fuel consumption rule coming for the 2007 season, with tank capacity slashed from 22 to 21 litres.

Rossi again insisted the huge importance fuel consumption will play when the new season gets underway in Qatar on March 10, 2007 by adding: “For sure the fuel consumption will be the big issue, maybe the biggest one. Some tracks we will have less problems and some with more.

“Qatar is one of the worst and I think for everybody it will be difficult to make 22 laps with 21 litres. This means it’s not possible to use all the power of the engine for the race. I hope we are all in the same situation because it is difficult.”

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt