Keep it Eurosport

I have just read the article about Eurosport potentially losing the right to brocdcast Moto GP in 2009... well that would be a shame, as I cannot see the BBC giving the same coverage to qualifying, open practice, 250's and 125's alike.

Also, what be more of a shame is losing the expertise and passion of the likes of Toby Moody, Julian Ryder and Randy Mamola. Their commentating chemistry and witty comments make for a much more interesting and passionate experience.

Where else do you get the essence of true racing than Randy Mamola holding the mic open on the main straight or in the pits. Where else does anyone get the same respect as Randy by the racers who let him in the pit garages post race, even if they have had a bad day at the office. I

'm sorry, and don't wish to be too rude, but the BBC commentators bring about as much excitement as watching paint dry. I even watched the WSB show last week and couldn't beleive how boring the studio presenters were.

They looked awkward and pained sitting on that plainly uncomfortable sofa as though it were a chore to commentate on bike racing.

Good knowledgable commentators are key to a good show, and in my opinion taking it from Eurosport would ruin a successful format.

Putting it in the hands of the BBC is supposed to bring it to the masses, well if someone saw it for the first time on the BBC, they would be none the wiser to the career path of a rider, any technical aspects of tyre choices, or minute details of rules that can have such an impact on racing.

Keep it up Eurosport, and if the BBC really want to stage a great event, hire the existing commentators from Eurosport.

Keep it up Mr Ryder, you do a fantastic job..

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Julian Collins

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By Julian Collins