Misano MotoGP: Bradley Smith 2nd on the podium in the 125 GP

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British rider Bradley Smith rode hard today, leading the race briefly, to take second place in today’s Misano 125 GP.

Bancaja Aspar rider Gabor Talmasci rounded off a very successful weekend by claiming his second win of the season today at the Italian GP. A mistake mid race allowed Polaris World rider Bradley Smith through to lead the race for a spell, but Talmacsi worked hard to catch and pass the young Brit.

Simone Corsi battled it out at his home track with Mike De Meglio right up until De Meglio crashed out. Corsi went on to put pressure French rider Joan Olive on the final lap in a fight for the third spot on the podium.

Joan Olive was unlucky enough to crash out of the race on final corner in the last lap, costing himself a podium finish and handing it to Corsi.

Marquez took 4th place in the race today for the Red Bull KTM 250 team and Spaniard Nicolas Terol came in fifth for the Jack & Jones WRB team.

1  Gabor TALMACSI   HUN  Bancaja Aspar Team   Aprilia  40’03.679  
2  Bradley SMITH   GBR  Polaris World    Aprilia  40’09.081  
3  Simone CORSI   ITA  Jack & Jones WRB   Aprilia  40’18.067  
4  Marc MARQUEZ   SPA  Repsol KTM 125cc   KTM   40’20.737  
5  Nicolas TEROL   SPA  Jack & Jones WRB   Aprilia  40’21.000  
6  Andrea IANNONE   ITA  I.C. Team    Aprilia  40’21.161  
7  Sandro CORTESE   GER  Emmi – Caffe Latte   Aprilia  40’21.164  
8  Dominique AEGERTER  SWI  Ajo Motorsport    Derbi   40’22.336  
9  Esteve RABAT   SPA  Repsol KTM 125cc   KTM   40’22.827  
10  Sergio GADEA   SPA  Bancaja Aspar Team   Aprilia  40’38.329  
11  Efren VAZQUEZ   SPA  Blusens Aprilia Junior   Aprilia  40’38.534  
12  Joan OLIVE   SPA  Belson Derbi    Derbi   40’43.073  
13  Michael RANSEDER  AUT  I.C. Team    Aprilia  40’50.983  
14  Danny WEBB   GBR  Degraaf Grand Prix   Aprilia  40’56.920  
15  Jonas FOLGER   GER  Red Bull MotoGP Academy  KTM   40’57.028  
16  Jules CLUZEL   FRA  Loncin Racing    Loncin   41’05.582  
17  Marco RAVAIOLI   ITA  Matteoni Racing   Aprilia  41’07.844  
18  Tomoyoshi KOYAMA  JPN  ISPA KTM Aran    KTM   41’09.914  
19  Takaaki NAKAGAMI  JPN  I.C. Team    Aprilia  41’09.939  
20  Robin LASSER   GER  Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing  Aprilia  41’10.879  
21  Gabriele FERRO   ITA  Metasystem RS    Honda   41’25.493  
22  Bastien CHESAUX  SWI  WTR San Marino Team   Aprilia  41’26.200  
23  Louis ROSSI   FRA  FFM Honda GP 125   Honda   41’38.926  
24  Hugo VAN DEN BERG  NED  Degraaf Grand Prix   Aprilia  41’43.402  
25  Luca VITALI   ITA  Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing  Aprilia  40’19.907  
26  Randy KRUMMENACHER SWI  Red Bull KTM 125   KTM   41’00.200

James Keen

By James Keen