Casey "the moaner" Stoner

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Casey “the moaner” Stoner would not be doing anywhere near as good on any other bike, especially if he swopped rolls with Vale and he rode the yamaha (although it is now twice the bike it was pre 2004) and Rossi rode the duke.

After being at donington and listening to the bikes, that bike of Stoner’s has a note of its own! it sounds awesome… and it is, which is why he’s so quick.

Rossi is working harder to make that yam go like it does and no one will convince me different. Only rossi can truly get the best from the bike, more than most others ever could.

So the conclusion is: Rossi is #1, always has been, always will be. Stoner is a pretender to the throne with only other people’s bad luck and the #1 bike to win races. Stop moaning and earn respect with your riding!

lee musselwhite

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By lee musselwhite