Honda considering 2009 MotoGP cuts

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Honda has refused to confirm it will maintain its current level of involvement in MotoGP next season after the Japanese factory’s shock move to quit Formula One.

CEO and chairman Takeo Fukui dropped a bombshell last week when he announced Honda would withdraw from F1 because of the impact of the global economic crisis.

And as a result, HRC has confirmed its level of involvement in MotoGP in 2009 is “under consideration.”

HRC currently provides nearly a third of the grid for MotoGP, with the Japanese factory planning to field six of the 19 bikes in 2009.

When asked by MCN if HRC would retain that level of participation, a factory spokesman in Japan said: “We are under consideration, and cannot answer. More than we imagined, the economic crisis has had an influence on what we do.

Therefore, there is an implication for MotoGP as well. The situation is serious.”
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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt