MotoGP Jerez test: James Toseland in the clear after injury scare

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Relieved James Toseland has confirmed he has no broken bones after he was involved in a first corner spill in testing at Jerez this afternoon (Monday).

X-rays taken in the Clinica Mobile have shown no fractures in Toseland’s right ankle after he landed heavily following a high-side on only his second lap of the day.

The British rider has suffered a badly twisted ankle, but a second X-ray has also shown up negative for broken bones.

Speaking to MCN in the Clinica Mobile, James Toseland said: “I didn’t think anything was broken. But I landed heavily and my right foot got trapped under the bike. It’s just been twisted quite badly.”

Toseland needed crutches to walk into the Clinica Mobile, but the cause of the spill shortly after 1pm was a cold rear Michelin tyre.

Toseland added: “I was just about to go out and a Japanese engineer needed to check something on the bike.

“It took about two minutes but the tyre warmers had been taken off. I then did a really steady out lap because the track temperature was quite cold.

“I was off throttle and it just came round with no warning. I wasn’t even pushing because you don’t push that hard in those conditions on only the second lap.”

James Toseland’s manager Roger Burnett told MCN: “They took the tyre warmers off in pit lane but a Japanese engineer wanted to do a last-minute adjustment.

“James set off and did a very slow out lap because the track conditions have not been good and he was careful of that. He went up to the first corner and braked early because he was just checking the track conditions.

“He turned the bike in and off throttle the back came round and high-sided him. He ended up going up in the air and sitting back down on the bike with his foot underneath the bike and that twisted the ankle round.

“Basically the rear tyre had gone cold. That’s what caused it and that is a lesson.

“He said he now knows you just can’t go out and do a slow out lap with these tyres when the track temperature is not good.

“He is not damaged with nothing broken and he is fine. It’s all part of the learning curve.”

James Toseland was beginning to evaluate the first of five rear tyres from Michelin before he attempted his second race simulation in three days.

Toseland has confirmed to MCN that he will try to go back out and complete a few laps before the circuit closes at 6pm local time.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt