Moaning Stoner

I have watched the Laguna GP twice.

I am infuriated with Stoner. What a winger and he doesn’t deserve to be number 1.

So the racing was hard, so the overtaking a bit full on… Well grow up Casey, this is the pinical of racing, and that’s just what Rossi did.

His bike was under powered to yours, and he used whatever he could to win the race, cleanly.

Sour grapes, that’s the only phrase that comes to mind, after hearing your comments, and seeing you make a mistake.

You wonder why the British people don’t like you, it’s because of your excuses, and moaning about hard play.

My words to you are, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, or better still, roll over, and let a true champion come to the fore.

Alan, Essex


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By alan-mac1