Iannone dejected and general mayhem

Published: 23 June 2008

Attached is a picture of Iannone getting a lift back up to the pits from Craner Curves.

I don't know which toilets Larry Carter uses but I was flabbergasted to hear him praising Donington for there fantastic toilet facilities at the end of his commentary.

He obviously wasn't down at the Old Hairpin where blokes were pissing up the wall openly in front of the huge queue for the ladies. This queue also contained small children

Other rubbish things about the day: £3.20 a pint. Having to pay a tenner for the PO Boys - this is free at Brands. £25 for camping. I gave it a miss and drove home each day. The carnage in the exhibition centre. People weren't shopping they were just using it as a thorofare.