Is Rossi really the best?

I’ve been thinking about all the bike racing i’ve watched this year and it set me thinking about who really is the best.

It seems to me that valentino rossi ain’t bad, but is he the best? yeah he might be the world champion at motogp, but it seems that he hasn’t had to work half as hard as troy bayliss to become champ this year (who, by the way, kicked all the motogp boys asses in his last wildcard ride). even the bsb boys have shown just how good they are at world level.

Then there are the road racing boys, such as guy martin, john maguiness ian lougher, cameron donald to name a few who in my opinion are the real hard men of racing. I’d certainly like to see the motogp wusses have a go at the isle of man (if they dare!).

Through the Internet I have found quite a bit of Irish road racing & it just blows me away.  Even the clever use of onboard footage.  Whoever edits the BBC NI bike footage knows what they are about & it gives you a real idea of what it’s like on the bikes. 

These guys are doing pretty much WSBK speeds on public roads with no comfy gravel trap, just a hawthorn hedge if yer lucky.  then I look at MotoGP & think talented yes,  the real heroes of bike racing I’m not so sure. How do you compare them? can you compare them? I certainly think that more Irish road racing coverage would be excellent in MCN next year.
It would be great to see an article, or even series of articles looking at the differences, and similarities. to build up a picture of who really is the best. it would be interesting to understand why guy martin is one of the top road racers, yet rarely makes the top 15 in BSB? how would the track racers fair on the road circuits and vice versa.
On a lighter note how about an article on how to make motogp more interesting. for instance pointing out to the riders that they are actually racing against each other and not just riding round for half an hour.

What about a night race, but turning the lights off for a few seconds at random intervals throughout the race? Or perhaps having the marshalls throw water filled balloons as they ride past? Nicking an f1 idea, how about a million dollar purse for the best crash? – that should really liven things up!
Looking forward to next year’s racing and more of MCN’s excellent coverage.


Al Rackham

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By Al Rackham