Colin Edwards concerned about single tyre development

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Colin Edwards has raised concerns about how Bridgestone will develop tyres for the new single tyre rule, with the American worried that tyres might be built for the specific needs of only a handful of riders.

Development on the new rubber is likely to be left to the likes of new world champion Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner and the Tech 3 Yamaha rider told MCN: “I rode with Valentino enough years to know what he likes and what he develops and that’s hard constructions and hard rubbers.

“You can’t show up with three fronts and three rears that are the same construction in a soft, medium and hard. Whatever is developed for Valentino, I don’t know anybody else that can ride it. So if that’s the case then he’ll win another five championships easily again.

“It has to be done to where each rider gets a pick of the constructions they have built. We need to show up to the first test and have all the constructions on the same rubber and leave it to the rider which construction works with his bike and his style, and you’ll find you’ll show up at a race knowing at least you have the constructions you know you like.

“You’ll have the same rubber as everybody else but just a different construction. I don’t know how to police it or run it but it needs to be done to make sure Valentino doesn’t just run off into the distance and leave everybody 20 seconds behind.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt