Marco Melandri backs safety drive

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Ducati rider Marco Melandri believes smaller rim wheels and a reduction in electronics would help decrease the high corner speeds generated by the new 800cc bikes.

Concerns have been raised about the increase in corner speeds recently, and the solution will be the introduction of a one-make tyre rule, which will be approved by the Grand Prix Commission at the Japanese GP later this month.

Italian Melandri though believes a reduction in rim size was a viable option and he told MCN: “ “For sure we have to do something not to improve too much. We ask for more run-off area but the tracks don’t have enough space and they can’t keep spending money.

"For me the tyre dimension is the best way. If you make the tyre narrower you will be immediately slower because the contact patch is less. I don’t think it’s a good choice to go to one tyre. For me the tyre size makes a difference.”

Melandri, who will join Kawasaki’s factory team in 2008, also reckons a cut in the high level of electronics would also help slash corner speeds. But he said a complete ban on electronics or some restrictions would be too dangerous and too hard to monitor.

He added: “ Maybe also putting the throttle in the hand of the rider can be another option. But to take off all the electronic systems would be dangerous and it is hard to control so you never know is somebody is doing some strange things.”

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt