Colin Edwards renews attack on James Toseland

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Colin Edwards has launched another attack on British rider James Toseland over the controversial crew chief switch at Tech 3 Yamaha for 2009.

Edwards lost his crew chief Gary Reynders to Toseland for this season, with Guy Coulon moving to the American’s side of the garage.

Toseland blamed communication issues for his desire to link up with Belgian Reynders.

The switch rocked Edwards and the winter break has clearly done little to dampen his fury.

He vowed never to speak to fellow double World Superbike champion Toseland again before Christmas and he continued his attack after last week’s opening 2009 test at the Sepang.

The Texan finished fourth quickest in Sepang while Toseland had a torrid time having suffered a massive high-side on the opening day.

Speaking on a blog he has on the official Indianapolis MotoGP site, Edwards said: “It’s funny. We don’t talk anymore after this little incident. We looked good in front of him, (Toseland) being two-and-a-half seconds off the pace.

“That was good times. You should hear some of the comments being made. He got the crew chief he wanted. That was going to make all the difference in the world, and we just sit and laugh. We have a good time. 

“I thought I was pretty happy last year with my crew chief. They co-conspired to kind of stick it in my (rear), if you want to say that.

“They decided for my crew chief to go to James, and James decided that my crew chief was better than his. His crew chief last year, I’m with now, and he’s awesome. Guy is awesome.

“He’s got so much experience. I think he’s been doing it since early 70s. I’m really happy. I’m a lot happier with my crew chief. It’s just so relaxed.

“I don’t have to stroke ego like I did last year. Everybody’s just so relaxed, just happy to be riding motorcycles.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt