Hollywood says Happy Birthday to Valentino Rossi

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Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Daniel Day-Lewis have both sent 30th birthday messages to reigning MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi.

Top Gun star Cruise, who attended last year’s American GP race at Laguna Seca and met the Italian legend, said:

“Valentino, You are a true champion. You keep raising the bar, relentlessly pursuing the next race, the next challenge, the next championship. I also know that the victories don’t necessarily become easier.

“You have to dig deeper, work even harder, become more focused to overcome the distractions. That’s what you do. And I, like countless others, know that when you’re on that track anything is possible.

“It was my great pleasure to be there at Laguna Seca and see you take that victory. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it!

“You certainly don’t disappoint! Thank you for all the great races you have given us, and for all the great races yet to come. Happy Birthday.”

And bike mad Oscar winner Day-Lewis, who is a regular celebrity guest in the MotoGP paddock, sent his own personal congratulations to the Fiat Yamaha rider.

“Every race, every win, every championship! Vale the kid in the portaloo is an old favourite, always irresistible in victory and gracious in defeat (not that he had to prove it very often!).

“But the all-time favourite memory for me would be him at Laguna Seca going inside Stoner through the dirt. Death or glory; the whole race an answer to those daft enough still to have a question.

“And to have shaken the hand of that man – that I won’t forget either,“ said Day-Lewis.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt