Trackdays in New Zealand

H i from nz, just got back from my sons first track day at lake taupo nz. It was a brilliant day with a very relaxed atmosphere. My son has an NC30 which did the day with no probs whatsoever which speaks volumes for the bike as it is almost 20 years old!

My son is the same age as Valentino and i see lots of similarities between them. However my son is not as fast as vale, but then who is? It was only his first outing so give him time!

They had a draw for people who were registered, with the main prize being bike gear and an MV Agusta, how good is that! They had envelopes with numbers on them and the last person who was drawn out of the hat got to pick a number. They must have known that all the petrol heads would have picked numbers like 46, 52, 69, 48, 5 etc. because the winning number was 54, so no one picked it.

We are from sheff so follow JT with special interest. I have been here 3 months now and miss the weekly MCN, I will have to keep up to date with your website. Thanks for being the only source of good info on all things biking.

PS- come on Valentino, with all your dosh, get some curtains that close themselves. So tight, just like my son!!

stewart turner

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