Chris Vermeulen backs rider aid reduction bid

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Factory Suzuki rider Chris Vermeulen has backed Valentino Rossi’s bid for MotoGP to slash the influence of electronic rider aids.

The Aussie sits on the influential MotoGP Safety Commission with Rossi at every single MotoGP race, and he has backed the Italian in his quest to get traction control restricted.

The 26-year-old told MCN: “I would love to see a reduction in electronics because I would like to really ride the bike and compete on the same playing field.”

Vermeulen though is adamant in his belief that the way to get MotoGP repeating spectacular action seen in the pre-800cc four-stroke is to bring back the old 990s.

Vermeulen reckons the 800s, introduced in 2007, has dumbed down individual riding styles and he told MCN: “I really think bring back a bigger capacity.

In the 990s there were different riding styles. Right now on an 800 there is one style, carry the corner speed and it’s all about that. With 990s some guys could carry corner speeds, some guys could get them in the quick, square the corner off, spin the tyre and get out.

Some would be fast at the beginning of the race and some not, that’s what they need to do.”

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt